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“Embodying effortless style with a unique elegance and artistic flair, the LUNDSTRÖM label is synonymous with beautiful wearable clothing. Originally founded in 1974 by award winning Canadian designer Linda Lundström, the LUNDSTRÖM brand is most recognized for its statement-making outerwear including the iconic LaPARKA and for designing fashion for women sizes 2 to 24.”

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There is a Boxer Dog Who Needs Your Help

rescue boxers

Have you heard of RESCUE A BOXER?

This non-profit organization works diligently to find forever homes in Canada for Boxer dogs in need of a second chance in life.

For Fashion Addition 14 Plus’ owners Marilyn and Bill Booth, along with their two daughters Kerri and Darcie, RESCUE A BOXER is a group that hits close to home.

It all started around 11 years ago when the Booth family welcomed their first two female boxers, Lexi and Lola –the adoption would inspire Kerri to begin a journey rescuing hundreds of boxers from all over the country.

“It is an amazing feeling to help a dog overcome abuse, medical problems and behavioural issues and know you have made a difference in their lives,” said Kerri, who is currently president of RESCUE A BOXER.

” To watch them be welcomed into a new home with love and open arms is such a fulfilling emotion.”

While the adoption process is key, the after-adoption support is also important to ensure a long-term, happy placement, according to Kerri.

“We do training walks once a month where our rescues (and sometimes not our boxers, but a boxer none-the-less) can come and practice pack walks and fine tune any behaviours to continue to make successful adoptions.

Kerri is thankful to have a family that supports her in her philanthropic endeavours  – especially since it’s not uncommon for her to bring home a dog every week.

“My parents (Bill and Marilyn) are used to a new dog prancing in their backyard and into their hearts.”

Two years ago, Kerri rescued a boxed named Izzy — the dog was damaged physically, emotionally and mentally.

“Today, Izzy is an amazing ambassador of our breed,” says Kerri.

“He loves all the new rescues that come through the door and reassures them that they are in good hands and that his ‘mom’ will help fix them!”

Recently, Izzy and Kerri rescued a young female boxer named Coco who had been hit by a car and suffered a broken leg and jaw. The dog would leave little paw prints on their heart forever.

“Every time we got together as a family, she worked really hard at working her way into our hearts and our homes.”

On July 2, 2014, Kerri’s sister, brother-in-law Chadd and their two children, Tanner and Taylor, officially adopted Coco, which means Kerri gets to visit often.

“It has been a beautiful thing to watch my niece and nephew thoroughly enjoy their new rescued boxer and to know that her and Izzy will grow old together.

Along with the love for her rescue –especially those that have become family members — comes heartache and loss.

“In the last 11 months we as a family have mourned the loss of Lexi, Lola and Casper. The boxer has the biggest, most amazing personality and to lose these three has been very difficult.”

While the Booths are known for making big waves in the plus-size Canadian fashion realm, Kerri proves that philanthropy is just as fashionable for the family.

“When we aren’t selling clothing, we are providing a warm family environment for many dogs in need. I am so proud of what we do and am so thankful for my family’s support!”

For more information on how YOU can help rescue a boxer, visit Another great way to support his cause is to attend the RESCUE A BOXER 5th Annual Pub Night on Sunday, Aug. 24th in Burnaby at the Firefighters Social & Athletic Club, 6515 Bonsor Ave. Tickets are just $25 and include a buffet dinner. To purchase tickets, click HERE.

rescue a boxer pub night

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