Dressing for your body type : A plus-size woman’s guide to style

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At Fashion Addition 14+, we believe that every woman has a right to feel comfortable in her skin. Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes, and finding a style that suites your unique body is a big part of celebrating your curves. Clothes should make you feel comfortable and confident; everything from the fabric to the cut and color should compliment you and your body type.

Clothes should make you feel good about yourself, and highlight your best features. We all have areas of our bodies that we deem to be less than perfect, but placing too much negative attention on this areas does more harm than good. Instead, choose those parts of your body that you love, and don’t be afraid to show them off! Understanding your body type can help you to build a wardrobe focused around your best assets.


If you have an hourglass shape, your bust and hips are well proportioned, and your waist has some definition. Your shoulders and hips align for a soft, balanced appearance. Your hips, bottom and bust are most likely curvy while your waist and legs are the feature that you would want to highlight most. Belted dresses that cinch at the waist are a great option to show off those curves. Clingy materials and pencil skirts are also great for showing off your legs and hips.


Pear shaped bodies tend to have smaller busts and shoulders, with wider hips. To draw attention away from the thighs and hips, choose colorful and/or printed tops. Supportive, well-fitting bras are a must for pear shapes to enhance the shape of the bust. Dark colored pants or leggings will help to minimize the lower body. Accessories such as statement necklaces and scarves can also add a pop of color to the neckline and draw attention away from the lower half of your body.


Apple shapes tend to gain weight predominantly around their midsection. While this can be frustrating for some Apples, it is really a common body type. Apples can rock loose, flowy fabrics, A-line dresses, maxi dresses, and skirts that show off their thighs and legs. Belted dresses and jackets can give the illusion of a smaller midsection. As for patterns, go for elongating, and try to steer away from patterns such as horizontal lines, especially around the waist. If you are really self- conscious about your waist, pairing colored or printed pants or leggings with a darker colored top can draw more attention to your lower half. Heels or pumps can also work to elongate the shape.

Inverted triangle

Inverted triangle shapes are bigger on the shoulders than the hips. They may not have a very defined waist, and may tend to gain weight around the midsection. Straight clothing lines look very natural on this silhouette. Steer away from a lot of jewelry or big puffy sleeves and collars, as these features will just add unnecessary bulk to your top. A wide belt can accentuate the waist and be very flattering. Belted dresses and long jackets work well with this body shape as well.


Rectangles tend to be less curvy than the other shapes, without a very defined waist. They tend to have flatter busts and bottoms. This actually one of the easier shapes to dress, as rectangles can rock a variety of different looks. A-line skirts or high waisted pants with tucked in blouses can be very complimentary, creating the illusion of a defined waist. A well fitting bra also helps to add shape to the bus. Pleated shirts can work well on this shape also.

These are not hard and fast rules, just some guidelines to help you choose clothes that compliment your body type. The main thing to keep in mind is that your clothing should be reflected of you and your personality. Some women prefer darker tones while others like to stand out in bright colors. Some women feel empowered showing more skin, while others feel better. At Fashion Addition 14+, we carry a wide selection of brands from designers who specialize in creating fashion- forward clothing for plus-sized women. Our friendly staff can help you choose items that fit your style, body type and budget.


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